U Choice Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer in the electronic assembly industry, founded in 2007. We provide high-mix, high-complexity start-to-finish manufacturing solutions for our customers.


More than 10 years experience in the PCB assembly industry, 5 years locally in Canada.


Fully Automated Screen Printer

Fully Automated
Screen Printer

High Accuracy Automatic printer easily achieves 01005 printing. Stentech Laser stencils for best print and release control.

Pick and Place Machine

Pick & Place Machines

Flexible component placement solutions from prototyping to high speed volume production runs. Accurate down to 01005 for today’s most challenging SMT applications.

Convection Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven

The right equipment for both Lead and Lead-Free production. Fully computer controlled and monitored precise heating.

Automatic Optical Inspection

Automatic Optical
Inspection (AOI)

Highest level of quality control guaranteed. Precise down to 01005, detects missing, wrong or misaligned parts and solder issues.

Automatic Selective Soldering System

Automatic Selective
Soldering System

High Precision automated thru-hole soldering for consistent high quality mixed technology assembly.

Dual Wave for RoHS thru-Hole applications

Dual Wave for RoHS
Thru-Hole Applications

Efficient high volume thru-hole assembly.

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